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Construction Agency .UK partners with national construction companies. We can cover all three Scottish regions: Southern Uplands, Central Lowlands and Highlands.

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We are ready to support a variety of construction projects.

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Popular Construction Projects in Scotland

  1. Southern Uplands:
    • Construction in the Southern Uplands region is characterised by a mix of rural and agricultural projects.
    • Infrastructure development aims to enhance connectivity in this predominantly rural area.
    • Emphasis on construction practices aligned with the natural environment and rural landscape.
  2. Central Lowlands:
    • The Central Lowlands region sees high construction activity, driven by urban and industrial development.
    • Infrastructure projects focus on improving connectivity between major cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh.
    • Sustainable construction practices are gaining importance in line with environmental considerations.
  3. Highlands:
    • Construction in the Highlands is influenced by the rugged and remote landscape.
    • Projects include infrastructure development to connect isolated communities.
    • Preservation of the natural environment is a key consideration, with an emphasis on sustainable building practices.



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